Which wedding shows that impressed you?-74

/October 2021

At that time, the bride was stunned and puzzled. The groom said: I asked what your dream was before, and you said that you want to have your bridal shop. Today I want to tell you that my dream is to realize your dream! ! The bridegroom rented the shop to decorate the goods without telling the bride and opened a bridal shop to give it to the bride. The gift for the long-distance race for ten years, the wedding + bridal shop, the bride was moved and I was so touched, the bride and groom are ordinary people, ordinary people The dream of ordinary people in love emits their light and heat in this huge world

The year I graduated from college, a friend from the next-door class of junior high school got married. At the time, he was a contract firefighter. On the day of picking up the bride, he took their colleagues and a set of demolition tools. The woman expressed her nervousness and let us exercise restraint. On January 21st, my cousin got married and was inspired by that time. I brought my work permit and my beloved little vest. Together with my cousin (a veteran of the Air Force), I wanted to make a big news result. In the end, I fell in love with the pleasure of sending red envelopes. As soon as the female sister group opened their mouths, I just stuffed them with a stack of red envelopes. They found what I prepared in my car when they sent the sisters home. Flicker about the identity of the personnel. You cheat to open the door. If you really can’t cheat, you will forcibly demolish it. If you don’t say it, I will forget it. At the time, the sister said bitterly that your sister-in-law said that the male brothers are very gentle...I Say, yes, I didn't use it later

When I got married. My wife's house is a small villa. There is a big iron gate in the yard, and then there is a security door in the house, and then there is a door in the room! ! I was thinking about it before I picked up her relatives. She has many relatives, and it is estimated that this iron gate is difficult to enter. I can only turn passiveness into activeness, and hit them by surprise, making them less in number for an instant, and I rushed straight to the three gates! Only in this way can the smallest red envelopes get big results! ! I just thought about this problem, and finally decided on a strategy and set off with the best man.

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