Which wedding shows that impressed you?-299

/December 2021

This is the most injustice I spent on the whole thing, and I get angry when I think about it. This broke the master of ceremonies, the stage was nervous and the process went through the wrong process, or I made it through myself, something. Because I don’t have friends in the local area, I didn’t have all the processes involved in blocking the door, picking up relatives, and carrying the bride back. Because we both hate being tricked by others, I specifically told her that she would not accept games or persuade him to drink. In this case, regardless of whether your relatives and elders are present, you must shake your face on the spot. She also agrees very much. I didn't drink a sip of wine that day. The next day I flew back to work. She stayed at home for two days and came back to work. Regardless of the income, it's pretty good...The point is, you have to have a partner who is highly unified with you on this issue.

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A few years ago, when my friend got married, the local traffic jam was very serious. Before the wedding, my friend took our brother to discuss how to solve it. I said, let’s go to the auto repair shop next door to borrow a screwdriver, an electric drill or something. As a result, a group of best men, mighty and mighty, some people gathered around others, handed over the three doors of the bride's house, and took the bride away. The onlookers were surprised by the simple and violent operation. The subsequent day the bride returned to the door, the door was fully installed.

At a friend’s wedding, when picking up the bride, as a female friend, he blocks the door and asks for a small red envelope. Or maybe I don’t have a red envelope for half an hour? I want to open the door to the bridegroom, but I don’t know what excuses I can make. Later, I didn't want to block the door anymore, and I went back to the bride and took pictures happily. Later, he was inexplicably opened the door by the groom's operation? I didn't get the red envelope when I opened the door. After I came in, I played a small game as usual. After that, the bridegroom took out a stack of small red envelopes in front of everyone and asked, how do I divide this?