A Lively Wedding

/September 2021

Today, I attended a lively wedding, with more than forty tables of people gathered together. 

Colorful balloons hung high on the wall in the wedding hall. 

There are colorful flowers everywhere. 

There are bridegrooms and brides on the wall. 

Beautiful wedding photos, the whole hall makes people feel very warm and romantic. 

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin. 

With the music playing, the long-awaited wedding ceremony finally began. 

After the wedding ceremony, I saw the emcee holding a handful of red envelopes. I knew at a glance that I was going to play a game. Those red envelopes were prizes for the winners of the game. 

Good! I couldn't wait to take part in the game, but I was so disappointed that the host invited the bride's classmates to the competition. 

They compete. 

It is a horse-step dance created by Uncle Psy in the popular Divine Comedy "Jiangnan style" all over the world. 

The judges are everyone at the scene. 

The performer who gets the most applause is the champion. 

The music of "Jiangnan style" sounded and the competition began. 

Each of them danced very funnily. 

The emcee said that the horse step dance performed by the first contestant was like riding a donkey, the second contestant was like riding an electric bike, and the third contestant was like riding a dinosaur. 

It made us laugh. 

At the end of the game, we began to score their performance. 

In the end, the contestants from Changzhou won the most applause and became the champion. 

The emcee said, "she has the advantage of being in harmony with the world at the right time, and she must be the champion." 

At the end of the game, the emcee sang a song he wrote, "how are you, brother?" 

He still has a lot of red envelopes in his hand. He sings and walks off the stage. He throws them wherever the applause is loud. 

We clapped our hands hard, trying to turn his attention to our table. 

"Kungfu is worth the effort of those who care about it." the emcee finally came! 

He turned around and flung the red packet out with his left hand. 

At this time, my father jumped and accidentally stepped on a thick and round wire when he landed and fell. 

With this fall, I lost the red packet. 

Because the red packet fell behind my father and was snatched by a quick-eyed aunt at our table. 

What an interesting wedding today!

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