Which wedding shows that impressed you?-301

/December 2021

I think everything is natural. There is no rehearsal before marriage. All the speeches are performed on the spot. At the end of the ceremony, the elder nephew performed a street dance and the cousin sang a song. It was very simple and very Grounded!

There is a rule on my side, that is, the bride must light a cigarette for the groom, but it must be lit with a match, and then the sisters will blow the match together until the smoke is lit. My mother told me that the match was blown out as soon as it was wiped. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. Fortunately, my dad was witty and told her to wipe a match. After being blown out, the match stem burned red and lit the smoke.

When attending a wedding, two of the guests of the husband and wife had a quarrel, which then developed into a fight. Finally, the groom took off the dress and threw the beer bottle. He was about to join the battle group directly and was pulled away by others. The bride cried directly but was also persuaded. After the two sides stopped fighting, everyone stopped and continued to drink and eat.

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My cousin got married, and the bridesmaid blocked the door... I couldn’t get in, and the red envelope didn’t work... Then I saw that the door was closed and the window was open. So I asked a best man to continue attracting firepower at the door and lead my brother. I entered directly from this window~

I used to do wedding planning and decoration with my aunt and cousin. The weddings I had performed in my memory were all safe and stable. Recalling the so-called "saury operation", I might think of a wedding where a saxophone singer came on stage and gave a leisurely voice. The first Grasshopper's "Broken Love", the rhythm was cheerful and relaxed, and the guests cheered and applauded. . . With a wry smile, I sat on the edge of the stage to look at the singer, and then at the guests. I was stunned for a moment, um, the black line emoticon that I posted manually.Inadvertently snatched a bunch of flowers thrown by the bride. At the wedding of classmates, the master of ceremonies brought single men and women to the stage, and the bride tossed flowers.