Did you encounter anything funny when you went to the wedding

/September 2021

Former colleague, at that time, is to take a son to get a license, the children will stumble a few steps, just want to make up for the wedding ceremony, the above is the background. 

There is a part of the ceremony in which the ring given by the groom to the bride is given to the child. 

The emcee gave the ring to the child: "go and send this to your father." 

The child took a few steps towards the couple on the stage, a little dazed, and the bridegroom changed his dress and put on makeup, which didn't look like a normal loser. 

What about the loser look of the father that the child is familiar with? 

Yes, it is our loser colleague at this table. 

So as soon as the child turned around and came to our table, he pulled a colleague and called his father to hand over the ring. the colleague shook his hand and said it wasn't me, and the child went to the next colleague... 

After walking around more than half of the table, the emcee covered his stomach and carried the child back to the stage with a smile. 

Whether the bride and groom's family is embarrassed or not is unknown, but the other guests are very happy. 

1. The bouquet thrown by the newlyweds is pulled by the best man and bridesmaid, and finally falls into the hands of the married host. 

2. The witness is a leader. It seems that the marriage words were improvised for more than half an hour without a manuscript. The couple, their parents, and the host stood on the stage foolishly, and the tuner played music to make trouble. 

3. The bridegroom changed his voice to his father, and two or three tables at the scene agreed, and then queued up on the stage to send red envelopes (after all, what you saw on the Internet was not as exciting as the experience). 

4. At the third ceremony, the host said that he could perform his talent. Then an aunt came up and sang three operas. At the end of the wedding, he sang two more songs. In the end, there were only two tables of old men and women left at more than 40 tables. 

Let's not talk about other minor mistakes caused by nervousness. After all, we are very happy. 

1. When he hit the door, the best man broke down the door of the bride's room. 

2. The witness has been trembling on the stage because of nervousness. 

3. The bridegroom arrived at the wedding and left the bride at home.

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