About American brides and bridesmaids

/September 2021

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In the United States, bridesmaids can be bridesmaids when they are married. Bridesmaids are close friends of brides. During my seven years as a makeup artist in the United States, I have come into contact with brides of all races and learned a lot about the customs of American weddings. I would like to share with you today. 

First of all, what kind of person can be a bridesmaid? 

In the United States, bridesmaids can be married and have children. Many people invite their relatives to be bridesmaids. The most lovable one is when the 82-year-old grandmother of the bride acts as the bridesmaid for her, standing in the position of chief bridesmaid in a uniform bridesmaid dress. The bride told me that grandma is her best friend who says everything. 

The number of bridesmaids is also very different, usually three, the largest wedding has 12 bridesmaids, we started styling for them almost 6 hours in advance, the chief bridesmaid is the one next to the bridesmaids, the most important, holding a bouquet ring on the wedding day, including reception when speaking is her! 

Secondly, what do bridesmaids need to do? 

You need to spend your own money! 

American brides don't pay for bridesmaids' dresses. Usually, bridesmaids buy them when they have chosen to tell them which one, and they have to change the size if they don't fit (the money for changing clothes in the United States can even buy a new one). 

The bridesmaids pay for the makeup on that day! 

Of course, American bridesmaids do not need to give red envelopes to brides, but they seldom give money directly in the United States. The bride will choose a website in advance, choose all kinds of household items or things she wants and put them in a link, such as (Chole wedding gift list), and then she will send them to wedding guests. You can go directly to the website to buy the gifts she likes and send them to her home. 

This is very direct and good, the shopping is very practical! 

And the price is around $25 to $50 per person. 

If the price of a commodity is high, the bride will break it into several pieces. 

The cost of holding weddings in the United States can not be recovered, and the money for weddings and honeymoons are paid by the woman's family! 

The man does not have to go out of the house and only buys a diamond ring with a total salary of 3 months, which is why American women wear big rings. 

Of course, another important thing for bridesmaids is to organize a pre-wedding party for bridesmaids to say goodbye to singleness. The location of the project is different, but the focus is to find a stripper. 

Finally, what do bridesmaids get? 

There are no red packets for the door-blocking project, only companion gifts! 

Ha, of course, and full of emotion and love.