Which wedding shows that impressed you?-300

/December 2021

He vomited blood and died! Why don't you give it when you block the door!

The cousin is a kindergarten teacher. On the day of the wedding, the child of a friend who happened to be her student, a little boy of about four years old, ran up to offer flowers. The host said, "Children, I would like the teacher to say something, I guess the child is a bit deceptive," Milky voice said milkily: I wish Teacher Chen thrive~

Let me talk about a stupid thing that I did myself. As a child who was single for 20 years, a wedding is such a desirable thing, so I was invited by my cousin to be a bridesmaid. Damn, when I was young, I saw the bridesmaids follow the bride in and out, so close to today's protagonist, there was no sense of participation, so I resolutely agreed. At the wedding ceremony, according to the process, the bride directly gave the bouquet to the bridesmaid. After I received the bride’s bouquet, the emcee asked me to say a few words of blessing. I wanted to say a happy wedding, but my mind couldn’t keep up, and he blurted out a word. Happy New Year.

Get married by yourself...Get the unit door password of my wife’s house in advance, and get the key to her house’s house door. The brotherhood is very powerful, and the marrying group has been unimpeded all the way. Now speaking, my wife thinks it’s too easy for me to marry her.

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At about two or three in the morning, the bridegroom went to pick up the bride and didn’t know the custom. When they arrived at the bride’s house, the mother-in-law said that they had to give a pork leg to pick up the bride. At two or three in the morning, the butcher shop in the supermarket also opened. No way. Regardless of how the mother-in-law is discussed, she wants pig legs, and she doesn't need any money. Later, the groom’s family found a pig killer who got up overnight and killed a pig. The groom drove a small truck to send his mother-in-law a whole pig.

We have this custom here, asking for the pig’s head. But this should be discussed in advance

It’s not very showy.