Which wedding shows that impressed you?-302

/December 2021

I am a 180 man standing in front and a few girls behind me. The flower thrown by the bride is a bit high, I really didn't get it, however. . Grabbing the rope that bound the flowers, he pulled the flowers back. At that time, I only felt that I had succeeded in grabbing flowers, and I didn't pay attention to behind me. After stepping down, my classmates told me that Huahua was picked up by the girl behind him and was dragged away by me (manually covering his face). Then I gave Huahua to a 4/5-year-old brother of a classmate. . The snatched flowers are not fragrant

Let’s talk about the wedding of a friend who has recently experienced a daughter-in-law. Everything went smoothly. It was the stage where both parents were invited to the stage and the new couple offered tea and changed their mouths. The bridegroom’s mother, yes, wearing a shiny and reflective red dress, under the shining of the spotlights, it is impossible to look directly at it. She took the microphone and took her mother’s hand and strode forward. It’s not special for a mother to marry a daughter. Happy, I don't care! While walking and waving, full of openness and joy, shouted into the microphone, friends in the audience, hello everyone! wtf? The emcee is dumbfounded, the audience is dumbfounded. Finally had the opportunity to tell me about this unforgettable wedding hahaha. Background: My husband is a brother, and I go to play with my husband. The bridegroom asked the brothers to come to his house at 9 o'clock. We arrived on time and contacted the bridegroom. Then he was still playing at the Internet cafe. It was all night last night, and he was just about to go home when he called. The latter is the more common bride picking, omitted. The focus is on the next banquet. Because the bride and groom were still preparing, our party went to the hotel first. When I arrived at the restaurant, I found it was full of people? ? Are their relatives so active? With a question mark, we finally found our place through the crowd. It turned out that at the wedding banquet site, the restaurant divided the same hall in half to another party, xxx martial arts hall x anniversary party, and the wedding banquet venue must pass through them.


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