Which wedding shows that impressed you?-304

/December 2021

Fortunately, there were siblings from relatives who came to the door. Time was a bit tight, so it was still lively, but I was still very worried. I didn't have any friends in front of me. I tried to go as far as they could when they got married. A little lost, the far-away classmates really won’t last long. The son of my dad’s comrade-in-arms got married, and my dad followed the man’s motorcade to pick up the family. 

The wife’s family conditions are relatively good, while the man’s family conditions are average. When we found shoes after blocking the door that day (we are popular to find new shoes) and were about to pick up the bride, the bride suddenly asked her dad to give her 5 million, otherwise, she would not get in the car. Naturally, her father was unwilling. After a stalemate, he said that there is still a car worth more than one million yuan in the house. You can drive away. The bride immediately took the key and handed it to the bridegroom’s brother. Go, first drive the car away. . Then ask her dad how much cash there is still at home.

 Her dad said there are more than one million yuan, so you can take it too (I don’t understand why rich people put so much cash at home). The bride still doesn’t agree to get in the car. Her father wrote her a two million IOU before leaving with the man's team. Seeing too many increases on the spot to the man, this elder sister is the real showman, and all her fathers mentioned above are her fathers.

My sister’s married brother-in-law’s house went to my sister’s house for about three or four hours. I drove here in the morning and probably a few people came. He wore a full head in a Chinese dress. He didn’t even know that the lady’s house also had a banquet. Then he hurried to my brother’s house in the morning and wore my brother’s wedding suit. Maybe for boys, the wedding is just a decorator. Hahahaha! I feel that getting married is not just a feather, but every time someone gets married, they are moved to tears. 

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