Which wedding shows that impressed you?-303

/December 2021

Ok, regardless of them, then let's make our own seats. Although the guests coming in came in, they were obviously confused. The climax is coming, the wedding begins, music is played, "Arrogant laughter, enthusiasm beats the red sun"... exam? The bride and groom walked to the centre of the stage in the bgm of self-improvement, and the guests have already started to post in the circle of friends. After various speeches, continue to play songs. The next song is Xu Xiaofeng's Walk of Life, ok, although the old one can be considered appropriate. But I never thought that the next song was "Happy Breaking Up", it must be the courage Liang Jingru gave them to play this song list. A bride’s sister couldn’t see it, turned on the computer, and searched for a wedding song. There is Eason Chan's "Ten Years" at the back of the playlist...

Hahaha I'm married, and my mother-in-law is urging us to have a wedding, but my family won't go to the wedding, and I still haven't found a bridesmaid! !! What a mess! Sad

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I really envy this kind of lively marriage, where many people have fun together. I have always claimed that I do not like to have a wedding and I do not like the excitement. In fact, it is because I have neither close relatives nor close friends. Maybe my family doesn't even have a table.

I feel that your answer hits the centre. I have a lonely character, I don't frequent my relatives, and I don't have one or two particularly good friends. I often imagine that others are best friends as bridesmaids, and I can't even find the best bridesmaid candidates. There can be several seats for family members and friends. He has a withdrawn personality, and it is estimated that he can't adapt to life after marriage. . . What an embarrassing life, we have bridesmaids renting...It is said that we rent a bridesmaid for 500 to 1000 a day... Most of our marriages are 7 or 5 bridesmaids... If we don’t have enough, we will rent...

Hey, just after we got married, a friend came over. I kept changing schools, so my junior high and high school classmates didn’t have much contact. I was quite lonely and didn’t communicate with my former friends. I got a college classmate and my child was still busy at work. not coming.