Which wedding shows that impressed you?-48

/October 2021

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He stuffed all his classmates on a table. Brother, can't you see that the table is seriously overloaded! There are so many classmates here, dear, did you arrange it in advance? Is it a temporary decision on the spot? As soon as he saw that we were still pestering, he wanted to squeeze us into that table again... It was really hard to suffocate, so he looked around, hey, there is a small table in that area, which is quite big, the same diameter as our dining table. , Brother, are you sure this is not a table dedicated to heating pots of melon seeds? Actually, I'm embarrassed. 

I look at my girlfriend and feel quite ashamed. My girlfriend also looked at me and didn't say a word. My classmate also felt that the two of us we're not good at the same table, so he asked a few people to come and join us at the big table. As a result, everyone looked at our positions and didn't want to come over...I didn't care about it myself, the key was to bring my girlfriend. I immediately stood up and said to the lower bunk: If it's for nothing, the two of us won't eat here.

The girlfriend hurriedly made up: Yes, you see my house is here, I have to open another table or go back first. Lower bunk: How bad is this, why don't you eat here?

Me: It’s okay. Watching your wedding is the most important thing. After the wedding is over, I don’t think it will be in vain today.

Girlfriend: Besides, he didn't sleep on the night shift last night. Let's go back quickly. He makes up for sleep and has to go to work at night.

Lower bunk: Okay, I'll give you both

Me: ...no, you take care of it first, we can just go by ourselves

Go out of the hotel lobby and pass the front desk. The lady boss also asked us why we left before eating. We can only laugh, what else can we say. Going out of the hotel, the sun is shining brightly, 12:10, this is the point of eating, he let us go, today is his wedding day, Sao Sao

Sao! I feel sorry for my girlfriend, and my girlfriend really feels sorry for me because of this crime. After a night shift and driving to the city, he would feed the dog for the white-eyed wolfman.