Which wedding shows that impressed you?-33

/October 2021

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After the wedding in my hometown, I returned to the imperial capital and set up a few more tables. Friends, relatives, colleagues and everything came, and my wife’s colleagues sat at a large table, all of them gearing up waiting to "clean up" me. My wife’s company at the time was a well-known beer brand. During the annual meeting, my colleagues used a washbasin to hold down the red envelopes, and the washbasins were filled with beer. The level of alcohol is one-of-a-kind. They prepared a big cup for me. 

Various unidentified liquids were blended, which is not easy to swallow. Then they want to play a game with me, that is, they randomly point out someone on the table. If I can tell the person's name, then the person will drink it by himself. If I can't tell, I will drink it.

It stands to reason that I only know two or three people from that table, and some of the others may have heard names, but the names and people are not the same. I am more ill-fortuned. However, none of them thought that I was prepared for a long time. I went to their company a few days before the banquet and took pictures of their employees’ photo walls. The names and appearances of those people were almost memorized (the names were often heard before. Daughter-in-law mentioned), so when they picked someone for me to name, I took a closer look, hehe, I know this buddy. N years have passed, so far I still remember the expressions of the people at that table when I patted his shoulder and said his name aloud.

 The funniest thing is this buddy himself, almost crying, but in front of a room of people, the rules of the game have to be followed. This buddy was also ruthless. 

He hesitated for a while, and then he got it up... Later, I heard that when I got to the 3rd table (they were the 1st table) this buddy was sent away. From that day on, in the eyes of my wife's colleague, I became an awesome person. Of course, I was not let off easily that day, and I couldn't remember how I returned home later so that the wedding banquet also produced heavy tidbits.

Before getting married, girls were full of fantasies about this luminous moment. The wedding of your dreams is not the same as an assembly line wedding. It is romantic and unconventional. I have experienced weddings in reality like this: