Which wedding shows that impressed you?-298

/December 2021

Let's talk about our experience, neither of them wants to do it. On the one hand, I don’t want to be played as a monkey; on the other hand, the input-output ratio of the wedding is too low. Later, her family said that all the money they received was given to us, and the two of them combined, this work is worth doing. After that, it was done in a strict way of controlling costs and increasing profits. Costumes: Her wedding dress, bought on Taobao; my suit, and the best man and bridesmaid's clothes for a total of 4 people, are all rented by Taobao on a daily basis. I bought a pair of leather shoes, which cost less than 1,000 yuan in total. These are the wedding photos of all our costumes: We went to the photo studio one weekend, and I came up with the first question: "Do you have a wedding photo package that only takes 5 photos?" (Because of the on-site materials, 5 all photos can be covered). The people at the other party were all dumbfounded. I guess they had never heard of such a request, so I told us no. We didn't say anything, goodbye you pinch! Finally, I thought of a way and took 5 art photos in the hippocampus, which cost a little more than 300 in total. Directly cast the screen to Party B. Car: After a few rounds of intense Argue, I finally convinced the elders and Party B not to the convoy, not to tie flowers. There was only one car at the scene. Originally, I said that Shenzhou rented another car. My wife said that she would have enough to eat, and the money was not spent. Relatives and friends: It’s done on her side. My friend is far away. Forget it. Inviting them to come over, but also responsible for their accommodation, the inside and outside are combined, the red envelopes recovered have not yet been paid out for more accommodation. So none of my friends invited me. Process: The two of us arrived 2 days in advance, and told Party B not to rehearse, haha, any shit rehearsal is fooling people. In the end, the emcee told me that the process was roughly completed. After the result, he told me that it was a rehearsal and received me 360. 

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