Which wedding shows that impressed you?-297

/December 2021

Originally, our mother’s family didn’t have this custom. I said that my mother’s mother also prepared a red envelope of nearly 10,000 yuan as the change fee. The key is to ask my sister how much the change fee was charged that day. People said that her husband took all the change fees that night. The whole family doesn’t pay attention to the whole wedding. My sister’s marriage is far away and the hotel hasn’t been set. When it comes to picking up the bride at the hotel, the bride goes to the place where the wedding photos were taken and puts on makeup and then waits for the groom to pick it up. When I went back to my in-law’s house, there were only a few people in the house. Even the firecrackers put a small box of firecrackers. Then they went in to worship the ancestors and went to the public house to eat. It was uncomfortable. The villagers all went to the public house to eat. Even the bride didn’t even look at the bride. At that time the bride took it back. When I looked really deserted, there was no one in the village. I looked at my heart and felt cold. After the marriage, my sister got three thousand dollars in her hand. I gave one thousand and her other girlfriend gave it to a few classmates. A good friend gave me a thousand and the rest was nothing. The marriage was paid for by the in-law’s family, and the bride price was received by the in-law’s family. Finally, I got married. I didn’t have anything. I also took it all away. Me me me! My sister's wedding ended yesterday, and I am the best man with a show-off! After knocking on the door of my sister’s boudoir, I experienced ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties and finally asked the best man, that is, I performed a show, but I was really stuck. All the talents were used up during the opening of the door and the subsequent questions. Ah ah ah! What's wrong... I was bored and looked at the solution of the line generation when I thought about it. Or... I will show you a solution to the equation. Solve the equation. Well, it is to solve the equation in the literal sense, and then start to calculate... …


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