Which wedding shows that impressed you?-296

/December 2021

On the day of the wedding, the appetizers were already on the table, but there was no movement at the scene. The bride and groom came out at 2 o'clock in the afternoon for the wedding. While waiting, my dad gave me popular local customs: This is how marriages look like in this place. You have to eat at the dam feast, because people who eat will have to eat a lot of rounds, and the wedding will be held when they are full. Me: Wow, what a weird custom. Then my dad told me a lot of local customs. Later, my former colleague told me that he and the bride were both young and vigorous. On the day of the wedding, divorce was caused by a quarrel, and the wedding was postponed because both parties were arguing about whether to continue the marriage~ (2) Attending a companion wedding. Arrived at the hotel early, the bride and groom have not arrived, the groomsmen and bridesmaids have not arrived, the relatives have not arrived, it turned out that they went to pick up the relatives, and then blocked on the viaduct. Wait and wait and wait until 1 o'clock, this won't work, a lot of people have problems in the afternoon. Cold dishes, wine, and drinks were on the table (the rule is to serve hot dishes after the ceremony). So everyone ate and drank cold dishes and wine, and everyone who didn't know each other introduced themselves and toasted each other. When we left, everyone consciously stuffed the red envelopes in the drawers at the reception desk. I persisted until I didn't leave. At 2 o'clock the new talent came running out of breath. During the ceremony, it was originally the bride's father holding the bride's hand to the groom. The master of ceremonies finished reading emotionally, and everyone found that the bride's father was not there. Well, the young man ran here first, and the old man was still on the road. So, the bride ran over to hold hands with the groom. A few days ago, my cousin got married and was also a good girlfriend. The whole process was really uncomfortable for her. The most amazing thing was that I said that I would change my husband’s family to take 10,000. The result that night gave me five hundred red envelopes. 

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