Which wedding shows that impressed you?-295

/December 2021

His child’s full moon wine is in the buffet barbecue restaurant, and the charge is per capita. Drink beer and liquor casually, and eat whatever you want. It's more than half cheaper than in a restaurant. One talent

Nothing can stand to be compared with mid length homecoming dresses. This section is just for you – unique in every way.

1. Classmates, got married, invited a pastor, and gave a ppt speech on the stage for half an hour. To oppose homosexuality, the bride and groom would sit on the stage with a chair and listen for half an hour. 2. Digress, second A classmate refused to let a bridesmaid in on the wedding night. He said that the zodiac was the opposite, and the red envelope was 60 yuan for the best man and the bridesmaid. Several best men drove hundreds of kilometres to send the car to someone as a wedding car team. Everyone has it.

I just learned about one recently. You can search for the "brother-in-law's door" incident on Baidu. It is probably the bridegroom's small movie at the wedding. What small movie? A little movie about the bride and groom’s brother-in-law. The above is the fact and the following is the search result, whether it is true or not, and who is right or wrong is not responsible. The male and female masters often have disputes before marriage (possibly hands-on), and the male master’s brother-in-law often comes to persuade them to fight, and the two of them will get better. The male protagonist charged the phone bill a day, sent the camera, just installed it for home use, and recorded the video. (If you want to live a good life, you have to have a little green on your head?) In order to get revenge, the male protagonist endured until the day of the wedding, pushed away from the female protagonist, and let it out in front of the guests, ruining three families. The video is about 5 minutes, but some intimate actions (yes, that's it) can be seen to be consensual. With emotion, the bridegroom maybe a little impulsive, but he can't help but say that he is a ruthless person.

I can definitely answer this! (1) In a certain year, the wedding of a former colleague was in Aba Prefecture. Because Aba is the place where my father worked before, and I was at home again when I was free, so I took my parents and son to the wedding together on a trip. The first number is not shown.