Which wedding shows that impressed you?-284

/December 2021

Why don't you turn your face with the actress on the wedding day? I really understand this. Doing our wedding and makeup business, I haven't seen many others, but we have seen a lot of weddings! There are all kinds of weird goods at the wedding, and I think the red envelope given by the groom is not big, embarrassing the groom! The bridegroom could not turn his face and tried to give him another red envelope. It is suspected that the liquor on the banquet is not a famous brand. It is suspected that the owner did not have a car to pick up the car and did not leave after the banquet. The owner could not turn his face and could only call him a rental. There are a lot of strange flowers, shameful at other people's weddings, breaking through the lower limit, without a face, skin, shame, and shame; but! As long as it's not really overwhelming, newcomers generally won't have a complete quarrel with them! This wedding in a lifetime is too precious for them! Unwilling to ruin this day for individual oddities! For the strange flower, the trouble is just a mess, anyway, they are shameless. For newcomers, if we have a fight today, we will have to deal with it for the rest of our lives! This is why they endure. It's not that no one cleans up the actress, slowly the bridesmaid sneered at her when there was something in her words. I just remember it three times: When slowly bringing the bride's corsage, the little bridesmaid deliberately said loudly: "I have to give you the bride's corsage, otherwise, others don't know who the bride is!" During the ceremony, the little bridesmaid said to Miss Acting Jing: "Your sister has changed her wedding dress, why haven't you changed it?" During the meal, the little bridesmaid asked Miss Acting Jing: "Why didn't you go out to toast?" The wonderful thing is-slowly one of my grandmother’s sisters also cleaned up the actress, haha, I just want to laugh when I think about it! Slowly, my cousin asked her child, a little girl about three or four years old, to grab the streamer of Miss Xijing! I don't know whether it should be called a belt or a streamer, you know, it's the eerie belt! The little girl kept pulling on her streamer hahaha, it’s useless to say anything, the little baby Zhachaotian just didn’t let go, and followed wherever she went!

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