Which wedding shows that impressed you?-283

/December 2021

So I told you in advance that she will definitely pester you that day, you Don't pay attention to her! I'm really annoying her. It's obvious that I am married, but she is busier than monkeys jumping up and down!" Hahahahahaha, I can't help but laugh, this girl doesn't like to say anything, I didn't expect it Let's talk about a lot of things. Tucao is addictive, and slowly continued to tell me some "deeds" of her cousin. Generally speaking, this is a drama. The actress is the daughter of Uncle Slowly, two years younger than Slowly. She has learned singing, dancing, playing the piano since she was a child, and presided over the abacus and mental arithmetic. In addition to his academic performance, he is worse than slow, and everything is better than slow. Slowly and beautifully, the figure is better than slowly. What a nice girl! It's a pity that I love to add drama to myself too much. Slowly celebrating her birthday every year is her highlight, the famous scene-this year I will slowly sing "Happy Birthday", next year, I will slowly play "Happy Birthday", and the following year's poem will recite "Happy Birthday to you". The next year, my sister presented the dance "Happy Birthday" to her sister. Anyway, the talents she learned can be arranged, "It is obviously my birthday, but every time I wear a birthday crown for her, every year. The whole family watched her singing and dancing and applauded her. She was the focus. She even blows the candles for me! I use her to blow! I don’t have a long mouth!” This is obviously sad. Story, but I was about to burst into tears, "Why don't you care about her?" "They think it's nothing! They think she is very caring and treats me very well! Singing, dancing, playing the piano, poems, recitations are all to bless me Happy birthday! What a wonderful sister! Touched China!" I held back a smile and said, "Then you wait for her birthday, and perform a show too! Blow candles for her too!" Slowly looked at me sadly Said: "Sister, I don’t have any talents! I can’t do anything about blowing, playing, singing, dancing and reading! I can’t do it for blowing candles for her. When she celebrates her birthday, I don’t want to eat if it’s not for dinner. Go.” So you can see how different people are. These young ladies, one loves "show on stage," but the other is used to being low-key and transparent. It’s OK to perform on stage, but it’s not right to always appear on someone else’s stage!

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