Which wedding shows that impressed you?-282

/December 2021

Is it because Guangling San is not beautiful? No, it's because of inconsistency. In other words, when you appear in a crowd in a distinctive style, being eye-catching and unobtrusive is not what you can do. What you are attending is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of others. A protagonist is only a man and a woman, and it is not you. You are going to give others a green leaf, not to dominate the guests, not to test whether the protagonist is mentally mature, because of this. It has nothing to do with the bride's mature or immature mind, but you do this to bring out the classical vase that you are immature, don't know what is the beauty of a gentleman's adult, and have little courtesy but no righteousness. So if you are invited to attend, I sincerely recommend that you layout your position and dress more popularly. This is a wedding ceremony where other people’s family is preparing for several months, not a party, let alone a show. Individuality is advocated regardless of the occasion. It's not called individuality, it's called selfishness.

Good girlfriend, I see, if in the future I or my girlfriend get married and someone comes in Hanfu or some cos clothing, I will spend money to let the waiter wear her same money to serve dishes

At the end of the previous year, when I tried makeup on her, this quiet girl told me one thing very seriously: "Sister, I have a cousin. On my wedding day, she will definitely let you do her makeup. Yes, you must not pay attention to her when the time comes. Even if she gives you money, you don't care about her!" When I saw that she was serious, I immediately agreed: "Okay, no problem, I don't have so much time to serve others. "I annoyed her. She wanted to be my bridesmaid, but I did not agree; she said she wanted to dance a ballet to give me a ring, but I did not agree; she said she wanted to sing for me during the ceremony, but I did not agree; she also said that she would play the wedding march for me on the spot, but I did not agree; she also said that the makeup artist should get home early and make up her hair.

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