Which wedding shows that impressed you?-281

/December 2021

We were surprised and asked why, and the bridesmaid replied, she drove back to school, brought the students in the class, and performed a show after the ceremony to cheer everyone up. I was surprised, why didn't the show wear the same clothes, but later I realized that the best is in different clothes. The program is our school's New Year's Day party program. In recent years, the tradition of revival has been popular. Therefore, every elementary and middle school always prepares the so-called Hanfu, and there must be a show of wearing Hanfu at a large party. It is said that the leader of this show was full of praise, and planned to perform again at the coming-of-age ceremony (June 9th every year, high school students participate). So this time is just in time for this show. After the students arrived, they were arranged to take seats, but there was no space in the hall, and they could only be in the private room. The few of us had a close relationship with each other and gave up our seats, letting the students in Hanfu sit in the hall. The performances are all art students, white and pure, youthful and tall, and look better than the former girl. Later, we went to the private room and went out at the beginning of the wedding ceremony, stood by and watched the ceremony, and then went back to the private room for dinner. Later, I heard another teacher who stayed there to help say that the former girl had a bad face. The waiter said when she passed her seat, you should go sit with them, referring to the student seat. When the students came on stage, an old man next to them said, "Eh, they're all gone, why don't you hurry up, baby.". When we heard these two conversations, we couldn't help but laugh, but unfortunately, we were not there. If it's not a theme wedding related to Hanfu, I advise you not to. If I attend a friend’s western wedding and find that a guest is wearing a hanfu, I can’t help but look at it a few more times anyway, and I believe I will never be an exception, and there will definitely be someone who is more committed to you than me. more attention. You are like a section of Guangling San suddenly inserted in a wedding march.

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