Which wedding shows that impressed you?-280

/December 2021

If you just grab your shoes and find a corner to squat down, hold your shoes tightly and don’t let people take them away, take out your phone, open WeChat or Alipay’s payment code, the money is more and less is the heart, mainly because I want to sell shoes to get rich, I lean on This operation earned back the travel expenses.

I remembered my previous answer. The bridegroom's predecessor came to the wedding in Han clothes.

After a few friends discussed, the bridesmaid brought the art students in her class to the wedding scene wearing Hanfu, sitting on seats in the hall, and performing on stage after the ceremony.

An incident happened when I attended a wedding on April 19th. The bride is the art teacher we signed back together in the same session. We became the headteacher at the same time after we came back to the report. The work and rest time are almost the same. So we are always in one place. Usually, all kinds of gossip are very close. Before the bride gets married, we know that the bridegroom has An extremely difficult predecessor. Usually, it's nothing more than talking about it, but the demon that this ex-girl came to the bride's wedding was just wearing a Han costume. Red curvy, white print on the bottom skirt. At that time, we were taken aback when we saw it at the wedding. We didn't know that this was the former girl. After all, no one had seen it before, but we were surprised to wear Hanfu at the wedding. After teaching the groom a best man who graduated from school, he suddenly understood that someone had broken the scene. I quickly told the bride who was changing her wedding dress in the hotel. The bride’s teeth are helpless. The bridesmaid, who is a music teacher, came back a few years earlier than us. The music students and art students in our school are in the same class, called the art class. There are two professional teachers, who happen to be the bride and the bridesmaid, and the relationship between the two is even closer. The bridesmaid said, wait, she will come back when she goes out. After the bridesmaid came back, they brought a group of students to Hanfu.

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