Which wedding shows that impressed you?-278

/December 2021

After getting off work, I went to the wedding happily. On the way, the little friend called and said that he didn't need to go. A question mark. What's up? Meet and say. The three of us, the childcare found a restaurant. I asked them what's wrong? Why don't we go? We actually went to the hotel, found a place, and took a seat with you. That's great. No. Later, there were too many relatives from both sides, and there was no expected number of people. Then they drove us down and said we would make arrangements. That's fine too. What? I didn't arrange it again after I rushed down. We waited for a long time, the wedding had started, and everyone else had already eaten it. Oh my god, it's okay. Come to have a wedding drink, but I didn't make any arrangements. Yes, we came out without food, we called you, and asked you not to come. This is really, never seen before! ! Finally we had a meal together, and the bride reimbursed us. She was very embarrassed and said that she would invite us to dinner another day to make amends. This meal has been waiting for more than a year, it hasn’t been arranged yet, hahahahaha

Hey, it's normal. When there are more people at the wedding, it will be messy. Even when I was married, some of my colleagues who helped me didn't have a meal, and an older brother took them out for a meal. When we come back from our honeymoon, we invite these brothers to have a big meal. We had to reimburse the eldest brother for the meal and the eldest brother didn't need it. Later, when the eldest brother got married, we brought a huge red envelope with us.

We attended a wedding last time. Since it is a working day, everyone asks for leave. After sitting in the car for a long time, after we arrived at the wedding scene, we repeatedly confirmed with the hotel staff that we were seated at this location. The wedding was about to begin, and the hotel staff said that they had arranged it for us, and we went up, but there was nothing upstairs! ! In the end, we didn't watch the wedding, so we sat upstairs for 2 hours without eating.

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