Which wedding shows that impressed you?-277

/December 2021

Then within a month, the little girl who was not 15 years old fell asleep with someone else. Ran. My second uncle went to divorce and asked for money. The woman's mother took out the contract in black and white, "No matter what the consequences are for any reason. The money will not be refunded"! I think this operation is very irritating. People are so stupid and ignorant. The latest news is that the woman returned 100,000. The rest of the money is dead and alive. I don't know how the lawsuit will turn out.

Mainly under this premise, the practice of their family at the wedding made me feel very...I owed myself 3,000 for five or six years (only 3,000, as for the whole university + one or two years after graduation). I have to be basic many times. Ignore me, and suddenly asked me to be a bridesmaid when I got married. I wondered if I could pay him back when I got married. I got up at 2:30 am on Saturday to clean up and start this busy day of waiting. There was no red envelope for the bridesmaid. I gave me a sample of a small brand of lipstick as a gift (she urged me to use it at the time, and I tried it. The scarlet was drier, but I threw it away, but I didn’t dare to use it), and I packaged 300 red packets (to be honest, I don’t want to give it a point, I owe these Years gave me nausea is over), she naturally accepted it.

I finally sat down and had a meal. His dad asked me if I was busy with work. I was polite and it was okay. He said, "Why don't you ask for leave on Friday to help?" ? …I really deserve your family. After marriage, I didn’t take the initiative to pay it back, I urged it, returned it and invited me out, refused, and didn’t contact me anymore.

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I was a classmate who got married when I graduated. At that time, I asked other classmates to help me with the ceremony. Less than a week after I got married, I said that my QQ account was no longer needed and my mobile phone number was changed. Then you say a new QQ number and mobile phone number, no. WeChat was not popular at the time in 12 years (it is not clear if WeChat existed at that time).