Which wedding shows that impressed you?-276

/December 2021

The coordinates are southwest of Shandong. Cai Li Gao has been on TV. The state has also severely dealt with the unhealthy trend of high-price gifts. Propagate the change of customs and customs to every household. What kind of "brightness". "Three cities in three to two" (a piece of green means 10,000 sheets of 5 yuan, 1,000 sheets of 100 yuan, and a piece of 50 yuan. A green ticket. Three catties of three and two is the weight of 100 yuan. It's about 150,000 yuan) I want to say that these are all past tense! Past tense! Past tense! Although due to the policy, it is not clear to ask for a dowry. But I can't hold my mother-in-law and don't let her daughter-in-law. Besides, there are already fewer girls now. I have seen a girl pick a dozen boys. In the end, the two were selected. The mother of the woman was dissatisfied that one of the households did not provide her expected quota, so she advocated granting her daughter to the other household. I personally experienced an engagement show operation. Hit a side ball to give a strong answer. Our family rarely returns to our hometown. Anything in the family will let my dad go back. My second grandma's second uncle and 5 daughters. Finally adopted a boy. That is my cousin. 16 years old. The woman is 15 years old. Engagement costs 350,000. My father was going to attend the engagement day. But my little niece had an operation and my father did not participate in the engagement of my cousin. I heard that the engagement process was very successful. After almost a month, my second uncle called in the middle of the night to let my dad go back to his hometown. We didn't know until my father came back that it was incredible: on the day of the engagement, the woman's mother did not agree. Roughly speaking, "My daughter and my family can't support such good conditions. Your family can't support my daughter even more under this condition. Don't get engaged. You can get engaged. Sign a contract. Can you two get married and do with us? It’s okay with my parents. I’m not allowed to come to my house to make trouble in the future.” So on the day of the engagement, they signed and pressed their handprints in front of the family members of both parties.

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