Which wedding shows that impressed you?-275

/December 2021

That cousin just evasively lives and die. I went, and then I saw his son carrying a bag and quietly handing it to him. I knew it sitting at one table can only pack one table, sitting at two tables can receive two copies

I’d like to talk about this question. The young leader of the anonymous unit got married in his early 30s. Before getting married, he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. The former girlfriend started a logistics company. He was very rich. In order to prepare to marry him, he didn’t need a job. Later, he abandoned them. Yes, the ex-girlfriend lived in his dormitory before. He found a business car and took two people to his ex-girlfriend’s house to deliver things. He told the two people who went with me that if I went up for ten minutes and didn’t get down, you guys Just go up, probably because you are afraid of being beaten. I married my current wife not long after the split. When we got married, we called many friends at the wedding. In order to fill the scene, when it was time for the marriage ceremony, a leader of the unit went up to the marriage ceremony and gave a speech. The girlfriend’s parents came, and the driver drove over. The old couple rushed to the stage when they went, grabbed the witness’s microphone, and yelled: XXX (little leader’s name), you bastard, cheating my daughter. . . . (I can't remember the latter), and took out a letter of guarantee, and later I would beat him. Hahaha, The scene was quite embarrassing, and the guests in the audience were shocked. At this time, his family came to the stage and blocked his ex-girlfriend's parents with their bodies. Several family members of the leaders in the audience also went up to persuade the parents of the ex-girlfriends. . . . The plot is the same as the movie. Within a few months of getting married, my wife gave birth to a child. It is estimated that when I was talking to my ex, I hooked up with my current wife, and finally got pregnant and got married. Now he and his wife are in the same way, often quarrelling, and the two often live in two places. They used to live in the dormitory of the unit. The mother-in-law and the wife-in-law are scolding downstairs. This effect is not very good.

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