Which wedding shows that impressed you?-274

/November 2021

"Friends" eyes and my eyes (but I am weak, it should be excusable?) When going downstairs for breakfast, the bride and groom sat on the stools lovingly for dinner, and the other sisters were still upstairs. Check to see if the things you want to take to the hotel are missing. If you don’t care about the meal, the bride has no troubles. Only the rice and her "handsome" husband are in her eyes. The bride's brother keeps asking her, what about your other sisters, how can you pay for it? She didn’t come to eat, she said, “I don’t know, I will come. I finally waited for them to come, and after eating a few bites, the fans said they were going out. Then we got in the car and I saw that she didn’t give red packets to those who helped her pick the dowry. 'S relatives, reminded her (by the way, reminded her to give red envelopes to the bridesmaid and sisters group. To tell the truth, she was a sister group herself and also received red envelopes and souvenirs, saying that she didn’t know these. I really don’t believe it. ), the bride really said she didn’t know, hahaha, the bridegroom said don’t care about those. Okay, I shut up. I didn’t feel that the man had respect for the woman’s family, relatives, and friends, even the woman herself. I don’t feel respected. At the end of the day, there is no money, no souvenirs, no red envelopes, and my stomach is always flat. No, there is still madness at the end. In the end, I wish you both husbands and wives to return home. Goodbye to you

Last year, I went to the wedding of a relative in the countryside. I didn't want to go, but my parents and they wanted to send me to the city after the meal, so I had to go with me. After waiting for a long time before the feast was opened, basically, when we had just two chopsticks for each dish, a cousin who thief pulled away from the room said that his daughter-in-law started packing before eating. Many whole bowls of meat were packed directly in plastic. What’s even worse is that my cousin and his son are also here, sitting at the table next to us, and my mother asked my aunt why don’t you go and sit with your son?

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