Which wedding shows that impressed you?-273

/November 2021

It is no exaggeration. He smashed the door. We didn’t even start talking. We didn’t even care about the people behind the door. There were not many red envelopes. We should rely on strength to receive relatives, and don’t want to rely on "bribery". Hahahaha, it’s the first time in my life to meet with "strength") Oh, oh, sorrowful operation wave after wave, after the door is smashed in (oh, I’m standing by the door I almost got caught in the door if I hadn’t run fast, I would have been the first person to be caught by the door), spray some disgusting things on our bodies and faces, yes! ! ! that's it!!

Wake up in the early morning, who doesn’t want beautiful makeup. I rely on it. I can’t open my eyes because of the spray. I smashed the game supplies prepared on the table (they are small things that have no weight or sharp objects. After the wedding, the bride Tells me that they don’t cooperate in playing games because we throw things at them. They think our sister group can’t play it, yes, how dare we play with you guys who have been mixed up, we can’t play it), and don’t want to screw them up. Let’s start playing games at the wedding. The groom didn’t cooperate and didn’t listen to us. The brotherhood stayed outside the door and went downstairs for dinner. Then the groom went down for dinner. He got up at three or four o’clock without dripping water (oh, No, I ate the sashimi and the shrimp noodles. I brought them. The gentle, kind, and lovely sisters threw them in the room. After a few minutes, the two sisters of the bridegroom came up and said let us have something to eat. Good to go out, thinking this sister would be reasonable, sorry, I’m blind!!! Let her brother come up to play the game, the tone is the same as dealing with an unreasonable little kid, the game is perfunctory until the groom reads the guarantee book, I think I listened My dog barks better than him. When I turned to see, the bride was moved and cried. It’s really been a long time since I saw the groom’s perfunctory expression and the impatience revealed in the mini-eyes, I began to doubt my "Okay."

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