Which wedding shows that impressed you?-272

/November 2021

The decorations are only balloons, and the quilt is of ordinary plain colour. I kindly reminded her to ask for a red quilt. She said why didn’t you say it earlier, now it’s so late, where can I go to buy it? It was always close to ten o’clock and another sister came here (before I complained to me why I didn’t ask for a day off and come here earlier, MD, come here to be a sister for you, right?), the class is gone from the city centre. Come here, you don’t know where to be your sister, but you still don’t have a stool to sit on, and you don’t have water to drink, so you start to help. The brides are downstairs drinking tea and chatting with their family members because the materials are limited, I don’t know. No matter how you play, I haven't gotten it right. The bride came up at eleven and said why you haven't done it well, mother, I want to curse. 

I was about to get up at three or four in the morning to put on makeup. The bride simply didn't arrange a room for our sister group to rest. I was so angry that I almost foamed at the mouth. No, the mouth was fragrant! !! When I got closer, I didn’t care about the situation. I went straight to the bride’s bed and rested. The other two sisters also rested on that bed with me. I had to catch the train from where I was working to attend her wedding. I was too tired. I was afraid that I couldn’t carry it the next day. I didn’t care about them and went to bed.) Oh, the bride didn’t sleep either. She said at the beginning that she would have to I slept, and the bed was occupied by me. The wonderful thing was when I met my relatives the next day, it was agreed that it would arrive at seven o'clock and I would play games for an hour. As a result, the seven sisters wore skirts in December and waited until 8:30 for the groom and brothers to arrive late. During the period, the groom’s best man’s WeChat account did not answer, and the phone call was not answered. As soon as the person who picked up the family went upstairs, he smashed the door directly. 

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