Which wedding shows that impressed you?-271

/November 2021

How can I say the most impressive wedding? I (we) missed the marriage of good buddies like Zhang Wei. The banquets are held in the rural hometown, the bride and groom, are our classmates, so we are both male guests and female guests. To repeat, the problem is almost the same as most people. On the way back to the groom’s house, some of our elders pulled the dowry and broke down on the road...When we finally arrived at the man’s house, the wedding ceremony was over...Uncle Seeing a pickup truck with a dowry slowly approaching, there was something unspeakable in his eyes. We knew that he knew that his son’s friends were not very reliable. Finally, we mixed up with a table of wine and food. The bride and groom made it by themselves. Because they also found out how many people were missing at the wedding? In this way, we experienced an unforgettable wedding. The most important thing is to eat the dishes made by the bride and groom at the wedding banquet. You can’t get the money back at all. Okay, I feel a loss of 100 million.

The most embarrassing thing I attended was the bridegroom presiding over the wedding by himself. The groom first ran up to the stage and said: XXX and XXX's wedding will begin now. Then ran down and entered with the bride...

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A "good" friend got married on a Friday in mid-December. I was a bridesmaid. The sisters and I had to go to the bride's house the night before the wedding. Both the groom and the brothers had cars (the bride and groom in the same village). The other sister has already arrived in the town because I don’t know the address of the bride’s home, and I want to ask if they can pick us up. It was at night, and the bride asked us whether we can get it up. The sister and I have nothing to do. At night, I stood on the side of the road and waited for more than half an hour. I finally got a car. Thank God and thank Jesus for finally arriving at the bride’s house. We didn’t even have to drink the saliva or sit on the stools when we entered the house. So let us Go up to the second floor and help her set up the wedding room (other sisters are already setting up), OK, you get married, I will bear it.