Which wedding shows that impressed you?-270

/November 2021

Normally, there is a °,

Originally it was almost divided, (enough share) everyone was happy and happy. As a result, the uncle behind started knocking on my third uncle again, which was a bit daunting.

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Although it’s a real uncle, it’s not his boss. My dad said it’s gone now, and it doesn’t seem to work to make up next time. He had to buy cigarettes from his third uncle. Later, it seemed that his third uncle couldn’t help but buy the hair.

I mostly don’t care about things. I don’t care about things. I don’t know what’s going on.

Go back to one. Friends business. A man’s mother has many special things, like a broken mouth. I always complain that my daughter-in-law is not worthy of his son. The son has a good job and has a high income. The daughter-in-law has no job and is not in good shape. The ass is not up, the chest is not big. It was also at the wedding, constantly talking and sarcasm. Blablabla telling relatives that his son has lost something to her. . . The bride is of the type of a female man and is straightforward. My mother-in-law said that she was gross, and in front of a table of relatives, she said, "Mom, don't say that your son is a loss. You don't want to think about me. Your son JB is so young. I really lost it." People black lines, mother-in-law is speechless. The groom can't wait to find a place to sew and drill.

In the morning for ten or eight years, everyone in the county was taking a "drug" called "Hejin powder", because it is certainly not a drug, but it is said to have a certain drug effect. It is estimated that it cannot be verified at present. So the weird thing at the wedding is that a plate of Hejin noodles must be placed on the wine table, with a tin foil lighter and straws on the side. Everyone encourages and assists each other like smoking cigarettes, "Children, all sixteen, happy today, grandma Call the shots, you also take a version." "Come on, don't you give your Sister-in-law baked it?" "Second-uncle has a lot of drinks, why do you pretend to be this for me? Come on, let's make this version together."