Which wedding shows that impressed you?-269

/November 2021

But, don’t think you’re safe as a couple. Our bridesmaids and best men team has carefully prepared many small surprises for your couple. Of course, they are not indecent, not vulgar, and not vulgar, but they are unforgettable. You couple have snacks to prepare. The wedding process, slightly. Speaking of a little surprise, we bought one hundred cheap small alarm clocks in Pinduoduo. The alarm time ranges from 11:30 pm to 3:30 am, and they are hidden in various places in the house. And I don’t know if you guys know what a scumbag is. I bought a dozen of them and put them under the mattress in their car. I told classmate Xiao Ai again, at 4:30, to turn on all the lights in the house. At 7:30, all of us received a call from them, and we heard a word clearly, this thing is endless! I went to my elementary school classmates to get married in November last year, halfway through the wedding. The host asked the groom: Although you got married today, today you and the bride are not the most handsome and beautiful couple on the scene. Do you know who it is? (The host refers to the groom and his parents). The bridegroom didn’t react, he had nothing to say for a long time, and it was too embarrassing. As soon as the bride and bridegroom ceremony was over and ready to step down, a child rushed up to tell everyone Duan Guankou ⸺report the name of the dish...I was sitting down and eating melon seeds. Dumbfounded...

My aunt, sing "Happy Breakup" at her wedding! !!

The bride showed soft pen calligraphy at the ceremony and got a wedding dress ink

I am a cameraman, and the bride gave me the bouquet.

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My husband improvised at the wedding. After putting on the ring, he suddenly said to me loudly in front of all the relatives and friends: in the future, don't believe anyone, just believe me! ! Throwing sound! Sonny and powerful!

In fact, my first reaction was not to be moved but to worry that he had already forged a beam with my parents and my brother...

I don’t know if it counts.

My sister gets married

I was ripped off when I went out, and the one who knocked was not the righteous person.

So what is it called stopping the wedding car and asking for red envelopes and cigarettes?