Which wedding shows that impressed you?-268

/November 2021

On the way home, it didn’t always go smoothly. I just got out of the hotel. A car tyre had a problem and went to the high speed. I saw the car, the car, the sea, and the car went away. We were all stuck on the high speed. I told her: It’s more like the road we walked Ah, at first my parents opposed it, but after a long-distance relationship, now I have finally cultivated a righteous fruit. Finally, it has finally arrived. The wedding ceremony started. According to the original practice, the movements went smoothly. The most unforgettable thing for me was the rituals, a tar (Commonly known as bitter gourd) is divided into two halves, we take each half and use them for drinking, and then tie them together with a rope after drinking, which means unity, a bit bitter, the wine is sweet, and it has the meaning of sharing happiness and suffering, husband and wife, not righteous Do you want to unite the two into one and share the joys and sorrows? What touched me the most is that after a woman who was engaged in the Xie Ying ceremony, she tied the red tassel (the rope for tying the hair) to her hair, indicating that someone was already there. I have to take care of my wife and family. At this moment, I know what is meant by "life and death agreement, talk to Zicheng"

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Xiao got married, let me drive a convertible, said it suits me, let me stand in the C position, it is still blue, very shameless, the convertible is too cold when it rains. "Where is this [open top]? This is at most [open door]. Does the wedding scene count as snatching relatives? The groom does not know, and the bride wants to play, so I silently assisted

In the bridal chamber, my buddies got married. A few days before the wedding, our best man and bridesmaid group specially told the couple. The following is a summary of the content. In addition to helping the bridegroom marry a wife, our best man group will help those who dare to do things with the bridesmaids. I'm not used to it, so persuasion is not good, so we started to practice. Since people come to be bridesmaids, they must be good sisters, and we can't let people come to us and be bullied.