Which wedding shows that impressed you?-267

/November 2021

The people who were attending the wedding were drowsy and groaned from time to time. wake.

Participated in a wedding, WeChat mini-game draw. The first place will show the WeChat avatar. My avatar is Jenny Turtle. That's it. Feel it. Most of the wedding screen is covered with this. Quite cute. Hahaha

Every girl hopes that she will have a heart-warming wedding

It’s just that reality is always that bone

On a cold day, wearing a not too warm dress, welcoming guests at the entrance of the hotel

The wedding is obviously being held, and there is also a bridegroom proposal

Look extremely dramatic in hippie homecoming dresses . Don’t be shy, just click the button and sit back to enjoy a grand shopping experience!

The master of ceremonies read the manuscripts I've heard many times

I thought that moment was extremely sacred, but I just wanted to open the table quickly and leave after eating.

Still have to be embarrassed by a bunch of unfamiliar relatives and friends, and drink alcohol

Bullying the bridegroom after eating, but it's not enough, the bridesmaids come to collect

This is not the wedding we imagined. We have thought about weddings in castle churches like Jay Chou, fairy tale weddings like Angelababy.

 I have thought about a beautiful and refined wedding, preferably in an old church. She said that the wedding dress is good-looking, and I prefer Hanfu, that kind of elegant and noble feeling. After listening to it, I am very interested. It turns out that wedding wears There are three main styles of Hanfu, Zhou, Tang, Ming, black and red matching Zhou style, know whether Gu Tingye and Sheng Minglan's male red female green, Tang style, the bridegroom official, wear official clothes; the bride wears phoenix crown, Ming Dynasty style, was attracted by this full sense of ritual. We immediately decided to hold Han weddings, faint ceremonies for ourselves, and the two surnames are good. Thirteen, a young year in the north, the cold wind was bitter, the air conditioner was on in the room, and I got up at 2 o'clock in the morning. It was really hard to sleep at night. Although I saw her in Hanfu when I took the wedding photos, it was just in the past. In the past 7 years, the scene that I often look forward to is coming soon. I was inexplicably moved. Soon, I received her