Which wedding shows that impressed you?-266

/November 2021

Until I knocked on the door of the bride’s house, the door opened outwards, so I couldn’t push it inward, and there was no door handle. It basically broke the road of profiteering and blasting. But a red envelope is useless. The best man with full experience coaxes the room to open the red envelope. If the other party does not open the red envelope, just talk about the door. Or I can’t put the red envelope in. The other party agrees and opens the door. The red envelope, at this time, the experienced best man used a wooden board, about the size of a playing card, and stuffed it in from the door, shouting that the brothers would not be able to close the door when they came up, and everyone was not afraid of the door being caught after they found the secret, three times. After five and two, he entered with a huge profit and didn't even give a red envelope. Later, I heard from the bridegroom that this guy had let off his best man more than a dozen times, and he was full of experience...

When I got married, my husband met relatives and friends at the door. Some of my relatives hadn’t seen them in years. Some good friends came here by accident. It was inevitable that I would take him and blow the rainbow fart, so I went to the ceremony and tea ceremony. Time to see him

At the wedding, the emcee suddenly asked how old the groom is this year in a serious and loud voice. ??

Important guests are long late, children fall while playing on the stage, the bride steps on the wedding dress while walking, the bride also falls, the guests drink and make trouble on the spot, the emcee sings and dances like a clown on the spot, the makeup artist is too slow to make up and delays the bride’s toast, The hotel waiter is too slow to serve food and delays eating, the hotel’s food is not enough, the guests eat too fast, and they leave too early and they are not well taken care of

When my brother got married, he invited his uncle who was a Chinese teacher to speak and congratulate him. As a result, he suffered an occupational illness and wrote a long manuscript in classical Chinese.

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