Which wedding shows that impressed you?-265

/November 2021

My boyfriend and I were too busy to prepare, so I planned to do it later. The above is her reply. Only the two of them talked about postponement, and they replied that it would not be held in October. After asking, they did not inform others in the group that the wedding was postponed. If no one asked, all of us would not know the postponement. Hahahaha We were all dumbfounded when we heard the news. We did not know how to implement the plan we made more than a month ago. I told my family earlier that I would not go home during the holiday if I wanted to attend a friend's wedding. If the ticket is not refunded, the tickets to go home have been sold out 800 years ago, and there is no need to mention the November highway. When we go, we will be released again, and we will go to a wedding. Haha never expected that such a big thing would not be told, and we would not ask for confirmation. There were a lot of grassy voices towards her and ourselves in our hearts. Of course, we are still there now, and for such a long vacation, we should still have fun, eat and drink. I couldn't sleep listening to the electric drill-like cry in the car, and couldn't help answering the topic of the wedding. Friends who saw the answer, if you want to attend a wedding, you must have an invitation card! Invitation cards! My friend and I are in the car in front, remember!

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I almost had an accident. There is a link: the hall door opens, and the bride and groom walk in slowly together.

When the music sounded, the master of ceremonies created momentum inside and said I won't go in, forget it!

My husband clasped my arm tightly and walked in. I also returned to normal after taking three steps. At that moment, I really wanted to run!

Asking the groom to carry his wife, the groom replied. She was so heavy that you told me to carry it. I didn't carry it. Actually, it was only more than one hundred and thirty catties. At that time, the scene was embarrassing.

Friends’ wedding experience. After the best man fleet arrived at the bride’s house, the best man left silently by himself. He lowered his head and wandered around in the community as if he was looking for something. The cameraman called his best man several times before he was seated and then walked through the process step by step.