Which wedding shows that impressed you?-264

/November 2021

She told us about the day when she officially set the date, and it was confirmed that it would be on the November holiday. She also said that she had booked us a room when we booked the hotel and asked us to come directly at that time. We have also expressed our willingness to participate.

 A month ago, the train tickets for the November holiday were on sale, and my friend and I grabbed the tickets immediately. Just in case, this friend who is worried about getting married has too many relatives and friends, and the hotel room is not enough. We also booked a hotel near the previous school. As time gets closer, we are also a little puzzled. Because it's almost time for the wedding, but we haven't received a formal invitation yet. It seems impossible to want paper invitations. The distance is too far, but another friend in the same city as her did not receive it either. We thought, maybe the relationship is pretty good, maybe she thinks it's okay not to send the invitation. Some classmates got married on the eleventh, some on the 4th, and some on the 6th. Those who were earlier than her or the same day as her sent invitations earlier or notified them on WeChat and in the circle of friends. 

Of course, we are sure that she is still holding the wedding in October. After we arrive, she can tell us the address of the hotel on WeChat, and she doesn't have to have the invitation set. The double festival in October is here. Yesterday everyone was chatting in the dormitory group, but after chatting for a long time, there was no intention of holding a wedding in the words. We felt something was wrong and panicked. 

The few people who bought the tickets immediately chatted privately, guessing whether the wedding was not going to be held, it was postponed, or we were not invited. We are not sure about guessing and guessing. It seems not so good to ask her directly. After asking, we were afraid that the wedding would really not be held. However, we bought the tickets again for fear that she would feel guilty. The friend who was lying in the middle bunk opposite me now couldn't help it and ran to ask her. Well, yes, the wedding was postponed.

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