Which wedding shows that impressed you?-263

/November 2021

Several of our relatives drove there by themselves and went to the man's house before the bride. As a result, when the bride arrived, the groom's seven aunts and eight aunts' cousins shut the door for 20 minutes to prevent the bride from coming in. To be correct, there should be the groom carrying the bride on his back. It was really hot inside, laughing loudly, and my uncle's face was dark outside...Finally, our elder brothers pressed the fire and pushed the crowd open and opened the door. This group of people didn't know who scolded the woman's family for being really impolite. They couldn't make a joke, and then they fell into a cold field. The cold field lasted for more than an hour, and almost no one spoke at the hotel. I am still fresh in my memory. I don't know whether it's a show or not. But my husband called the new leader of his school to be his witness. The principal directly posted the manuscript online, and he didn't bother to change the name of the manuscript because he read the wrong name. My dad was so excited that he almost went up to beat her. After the wedding, the leader gave my husband a promotion with a guilty conscience. Although it did not increase by a few dollars.

My best friend got married and I gave him a washboard when they toasted

Isn't it a wedding? Now, my friend and I are on the train, across most of China, returning to the university to attend another friend's wedding. However, it was ridiculous. We didn't know that the wedding was postponed until yesterday, and the friend who was about to get married did not tell us. At the beginning of this year, I told us that the wedding will be held this year, perhaps in May, and told us to take time out to attend. Of course, we are very happy for her and finally, find someone who is destined. If time permits, It must be for participation, it doesn't matter if the distance is farther. Later, she said that because of the epidemic and that she and her partner were too busy, she might not be able to prepare for the wedding, so she postponed it to the November holiday. We all understand and think that the postponement will be good for us so that we will not be too rushed when attending the wedding and will not delay work. 

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