Which wedding shows that impressed you?-262

/November 2021

I don't know if this counts. When I got married, my relatives and children came with my girlfriend. A few months later, I heard that they were planning to get married and were counting the days. I also went there during the wedding. When I got to the door, my mother secretly asked me if I introduced your wedding company to them. My wedding company was opened by a friend, and she specially designed ornaments for me, and iron art was newly made according to the design. The flowers in the photo zone are my designated varieties, and I have spent a lot of thought building up friends. We have modified them several times before and after. 

The candy box was changed temporarily by my mother. The old man said that the color of the candy box in the original design was not good. Finally, I bought a lot of them temporarily on Taobao, and the result was very good. result! The wedding of this relative is the same as mine. And it's not the same wedding company. The same color collocation, the high and low curves of the flowers in the photo area, and the position of the wrought ironwork are completely low-profile versions of my wedding. Even the candy boxes that I bought temporarily are looking for cheap models of the same series, all in the same color. My wedding venue is not big, the stage is not projected and focused on the layout of the stage, there is no T stage, we set up every table, it seems that the table is a flower road.

 They copied everything from me, but put my desktop layout on the runway. Their stage is too big, and they directly moved my stage to make a low-profile version. Due to the size of the space, the effect is not ideal. Maybe the expression on my face was more obvious at the time. My relatives told me that they saw my wedding and they liked it so they designed one by themselves. I took it this way. I copied a wedding decoration that was the same as others, and I was on the scene. Is it interesting...

I have seen the bridegroom blocking, but I have never seen the bride blocking the bride. The bride is my cousin and my brother-in-law is from another city. Both sides of the wedding are held once. 

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