Which wedding shows that impressed you?-261

/November 2021

However, when my son gets married, I must pay attention to communication and implement every detail, confirm and confirm again. I will try my best to absorb all the advantages I have observed, and I will try my best to avoid all the deficiencies I have seen

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Just say that my only experience as a bridesmaid was when I sent a small wedding. When the bridegroom was not there at the beginning, the bridegroom came to pick up the bride. After receiving the bride, he was downstairs. When a group of people were watching to give blessings, some of the man’s friends took off the groom’s pants. Red pants...Oh my god, the onlookers were all embarrassed at the time, someone went up to persuade them, and the group of people even grabbed the groom's pants and grabbed his pants! ! ! ! Later in the ceremony, the bride and groom called each other's parents, parents, and the master of ceremonies finished: "Our father-in-law and mother-in-law have already prepared red envelopes. It depends on whether the bridegroom's dad call is loud." As a result, the groom just yelled at his dad, and before the bride's dad had time to respond, the group of fox friends below responded loudly, "Eh!"! ! ! !! My God, the faces of the newcomers and elders on the stage were all green! ! ! ! ! !! Friends and relatives in the audience are also whispering about whose children are so rude. The emcee hurriedly made a haha to fool around, let the people in the audience keep quiet and respect, and the bridegroom came again. The bridegroom tidied up another loud and excited dad yelled out, just at this moment, the few people in the audience responded loudly! I really want to drive those people out! The bride's father's face collapsed, and then he took the host's microphone and gave a loud "Eh", overwhelming the laughter of those few people... It was really disgusting to this group of people, and I didn't know how to respect them. When we were sitting in the car to the hotel, two of them were still asking me and my sister (we are both bridesmaids), they want our contact information, it's just you? Are you worthy! How many do you match!