Which wedding shows that impressed you?-260

/November 2021

I just attended the wedding on October 2nd. The same province. I belong to my maiden family. There were no female guests at all. This is simply incredible. Originally, the other elders would go to the hotel at 4:30 in the afternoon to discuss the next day's process with our elders, but it was not until 6 o'clock that two people arrived at the hotel, saying that it happened to have dinner together by the way. The community did not allow us to enter the car, saying there was no place inside. Emphasizing the maiden’s family is also not acceptable. After entering, I saw a lot of open space. The person in the car said: The person in charge hasn't arrived, it's just two packs of cigarettes. For the formal banquet on the wedding day, the mother's family sits at a large table next to the stereo to eat. There are no female guests and no male guests. Our mother's family eats there by themselves. After the bridegroom's parents came over to toast the wine, the bridegroom and bride never came. When the meal was almost finished, the bridegroom came over by himself to call his parents-in-law and asked them if they were enough, instead of being polite with the rest of the table. Instead, we stand up enthusiastically and proactively say to the bridegroom that enough is enough. Go and eat. The dishes for a formal banquet are simple and featureless. A bottle of local liquor and a bottle of orange fruit, as well as tea, and then pick up hot water after drinking. The staple food is only a large plate of steamed buns. There is no dessert. It's very economical, and it has reached the point where you don't care about good things being doubled. Before leaving, I put two boxes of soda and a piece of soda in the car. Soda water makes me feel magical. No matter what the wedding of someone else's house is, I participate in it as a guest, and the only evaluation I can make is one word-good. What should be done? I understand all the things I don’t recognize as different customs. I always believe that every parent will do their best to manage the marriage of their son and daughter-in-law. 

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