Which wedding shows that impressed you?-259

/November 2021

But I Thinking about it, no one told me it was morning? No, the point is that I am not important? The woman kept apologizing, saying that it was her negligence and forgot to tell me to change the time. After all, it was the first time we got married. There is nothing wrong with this. Anyway, no matter what kind of heart they are, don’t want this disgusting operation, and there will be no contact in the future.

A sister's wedding. Her husband's father is a priest. In the wedding speech, I said thank God very seriously, God's exhortation to the newlyweds. That's it. Suddenly said: My pig can finally pick up cabbage! !! At that moment, we were all stunned. During the October 1st holiday, I attended the university roommate wedding. During the photo session with relatives and friends, the two-month-old child hugged the stage and later learned that it was his husband and wife. Give birth first when you are unmarried, great, my big brother. I don’t know if you have ever seen the woman hold a banquet back home, but the man couldn’t come and didn’t attend because of the weather? I have seen it anyway because the woman is me!

 Sad? I was angry for a lifetime and wanted to get a divorce... The old lady in a third-tier city was the principal of a well-known local training institution. On the day of her wedding, there were many leaders from the Education Bureau and the host of the TV station. Her niece, my best friend, and we both went to her to have dinner in the private room and throw bouquets. Don’t ask me why my brain watts went to her to get the bouquets and couldn’t come out and play on the spot. But I threw my niece but didn’t catch it. 

The bouquet flew directly to the door, just when a person came in at the door, a perfect fit! Everyone was stupid. My sister was stupid on the spot. I took my little niece and ran away. I met the aunt who shouted "Good teacher". Auntie still had petals on her head. She was embarrassed and politely smiled. Then I went on. Only found out in junior high school that she was the deputy principal of our school, and now she should become the deputy director of the Education Bureau

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