Which wedding shows that impressed you?-258

/November 2021

Why did you get up early in the morning to push this to me? Is big data so horrible?... I have two junior high school classmates and they came together. The classmates were very happy when they sent invitations a week before marriage. Full of blessings. It happened that I was on vacation at home, and some of our classmates were unable to go, so they called me to help with the money. I read that the time on the invitation was 12:30 in the XX hotel. I thought about going there sometime earlier so that the students could reminisce about the past, so I arrived at 11:30 and wandered around in the hall. People haven't come too much yet...At 11:40, the best man and bridesmaid’s car arrived first, and they were all classmates, so everyone said hello. Not long after the bride and groom’s car also came, it was busy when I got off the bus, and I didn’t think about this time. Go up and say hello. But, here comes the point. 

When the bridegroom finishes changing his clothes, the bride is still changing. He came out and I thought about giving a few red envelopes, so I walked forward and the bridegroom saw that I said something: What are you doing? coming? Damn, I looked around the best man and bridesmaid group, and some didn't react. He frowned and added, isn't it the morning banquet? At that time, I felt that I was humiliated, and I didn't want to face in the public? But even if you are angry, you still have to keep smiling, and you can only say politely, where is the money? 

The bridegroom pointed to the door, and I went to the door to drop the red envelope and walk away. Then I asked, except for the bridesmaid and best man group, not many classmates came, and there were only two or three people who had the same experience as me. Later, the couple caught me and apologized for a long time, and the matter was over. What is the reason? It’s a local custom. It’s noon to have a banquet in the morning to marry a daughter, and it is noon to marry a daughter-in-law. Because the husband’s parents and civil servants do not allow too many tables, so relatives and friends, and more important people are arranged at noon, so I’m afraid that I can’t sit down...

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