Which wedding shows that impressed you?-257

/November 2021

As a result, after a busy day, I didn't even drink my saliva. When it comes to eating, I still paid my own money to buy a meal ticket.

When a colleague gets married, we are picking up (grabbing) the pro squad. Why do we say, squad? Because there are only five people, the bride’s house is on the first floor. When we think that five people are still weak against a family, we will see you at the unit door. When two high school students stood in front of the door, one of them was holding a bottle of Yili Laojiao, and the other was holding a disposable paper cup. They said that whoever of you drinks, I’m the first one. Guidance, to say that no one would drink, they opened the unit door, and the two of them rushed to the door of the bride's house on the first floor without blocking me.

 When I saw the security door, how to open it, even the seam of the red envelope No, at this time the security door opened, and a head stuck out from the inside. I pulled the security door open again. The whole process took less than a minute. The aunt who stuck his head didn’t slow down and kept talking about me. I heard nothing outside. I just want to open the door to see what's going on, and I want to see what's going on. How come the unit door is so easy to get in? Faa was 18 years younger and got married in October this year. He invited a bunch of friends. 

After finishing the cave, I was carried by his friends to the south of the village. I took off my whole body with only my pants, and then tied it to a tree with a rope. Take a basin, put beer, white wine, milk, vinegar, soy sauce in it, mix it with the baby's urine, and pour it on the body. After splashing, several people smashed rotten eggs on them again. As his hair is young, it looks very distressed, but you can't forcefully stop it. I can see the starting young being helpless, but what can he do to be angry? can not! I can only jokingly say: I killed you when you got married

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