Which wedding shows that impressed you?-256

/November 2021

Then the brother got off the car at the toll gate and went home by himself. I finally drove to the bride's house, and the bride's house was leftovers. . . The family picking team got out of the car, and there is a red envelope of 300 (excluding the gas and transit fee, and you have to post some points). It is a luxury car on loan, not counting the favour of the car to be repaid, like me, purely in the family picking team The driver does not even have a wedding candy. The bride was successfully brought home, and the bridegroom was sending Xiyan. There was no one who made tea to meet the team, and there were no people who greeted us. Later, we teamed up and went online. 

Thinking about how to finish the wedding, let's go to the hotel together, and the bride told us to sit at a few tables casually. We sat at a table, the bride took a look, told us to move, and sat down at the door, (opened the door and left the hotel), when it was time to toast, the bride and groom came over. The bride glanced at our table, you have all eaten so much, still need me to toast? Just left, yes, a group of people walked around. It's okay, everyone is good friends. You finally came to toast and it was okay. The showmanship came again. After the toast, there is one table left. The bride and groom went to eat by themselves. . Then most of the guests left, and the hotel began to clean up the table. We waited until the hotel was waiting to take our table. They didn't come. I greeted the friends in the family and everyone went home. Here, some of us don’t rent cars. Relatives and friends act as drivers to form a pick-up team. 

The host will basically give a gift package containing Xiyan, Xitang, Xidan and red envelopes. The red envelopes are mainly for the driver’s fuel and transit fees. It's a red envelope. Good guy, my colleague’s family paid the gas transit fee by myself, and all the people who got out of the car got red envelopes. I didn't get out of the car purely as a driver, and I didn't even get a wedding candy.

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