Which wedding shows that impressed you?-255

/November 2021

Many years ago, the leader of our unit got married and booked a very high-end hotel. The wedding car is also a variety of luxury cars. The whole process is a professional photography and professional hosting. It is said that wedding dresses cost a lot of money. It's a pretty good luxury wedding.

The problem is that almost everyone in our unit went out to find a noodle shop to make up a bowl of noodles after eating the wedding wine. The number is not too small, the weight is simply too much! One big plate has a small order in the middle! A table of 10 people is probably enough for 5 people. When I met our company, most of the young people were able to eat, so it was not enough.

About the elementary school, halfway through the banquet, the bridegroom was drunk, the bride could not be found...The little playmate ran around and walked into a small private room, and found that the bride’s skirt was lifted up and her butt was exposed, having sex with someone who was not the bridegroom. Come on here, some of them don’t rent cars. When relatives and friends act as drivers, the host will basically give a gift package containing Xiyan, Xitang, Xidan, and red envelopes. The red envelopes are mainly for the driver’s fuel and transit fees. It's a red envelope. Good guy, my colleague’s family paid the gas transit fee by myself, and all the people who got out of the car got red envelopes. I didn't get out of the car purely as a driver, and I didn't even get a wedding candy. As a result, after a busy day, I didn't even drink my saliva. When it comes to eating, I still paid my own money to buy a meal ticket.

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Once at a wedding, the couple later became colleagues. The matter started from receiving the relatives. On the morning of the departure to pick up the family, (the bridegroom himself counted the wrong number of people because he had to make up the double number), because the bridegroom went early, we were regarded as drivers. I need to go to the woman to drive the wedding car back. I counted the wrong person. I called one of the brothers before going to the highway and said, "The number is over, so don't come."