Which wedding shows that impressed you?-250

/November 2021

In this city, when it thunders and rains, I can take a taxi home in the middle of the night!" In Chu Nan's words, I didn't feel anything wrong with this. I even heard a hint of pride in his words! I could hardly breathe, I couldn't accept it at all, looked at him blankly, and asked: "Don't you think this is weird? You are so old, and you already have a wife!" The calmness on Chu Nan's face was instantly broken. Like being touched by the scales, he jumped up and asked, "What's weird? No matter how old I am, whether I have a wife or not, I am my mother's son.

 Protecting my mother is what I should do, and I am a son in the whole world. Things that should be done!" I was stunned by the roar, tears dripped down, and choked up: "So, you are going to sleep with your mother for the rest of your life, and let your wife be alone in the vacancy?" Chu Nan Wei was taken aback for a moment: "I didn't mean that." The mother-in-law also followed and blinked innocently and explained, "Huanyan, did you misunderstand me? Chu Nan just sat by my bed the night before. Speak with me and didn't sleep with me." After the mother-in-law said, Chu Nan's expression just relieved sharply: "You really misunderstood! Do you want me to say it again? I went back the other night. By the time you were already asleep!" "Do you think I'm stupid? You didn't come back at all two nights ago, and deliberately lied to me that you were back! I just ask you, am I? Are you going to be like this for the rest of your life?" Unable to hold back, he just opened up everything. 

Chu Nan stayed silent and said nothing. The mother-in-law bit her lip and looked at me in Chu Nan's arms. Chu Chu pleaded with pity: "Huanyan, I, I'm really afraid of thunder, don't be angry, we just can't change it for a while." "Chu Nan, you too. Don't quarrel with Huanyan for me." I don't know why, I looked at her like this, like the deliberate lust and indulgence of those shameless women in the TV series. I didn't want to hear what she said more, I just wanted to hear what Chu Nan said, so I looked at Chu Nan again and pressed firmly. "Chu Nan, you answer me, are you going to be like this in this life? If so, I will withdraw!"

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