Which wedding shows that impressed you?-239

/November 2021

It's simply too confusing. Later, my husband and I were very grateful. Fortunately, we anticipated everything that would happen. We had enough time all the time, saving some unnecessary troubles and not missing the proper etiquette. 

So more communication is still good. Originally, my husband and their family wanted to get married years ago, but my brother is older than me, and he has been talking with my sister-in-law for four years, so they still wait for them to get married first. Then we are a family that cannot enter and leave once a year and cannot marry and marry each other. It must be the next year, so my brother was before and I was after the new year. 

Because I got married so close, my dad already knew their family well, so he didn't embarrass my husband. The bride price is what I said. My husband will give me as much bride price as my brother marries my sister-in-law. My brother married my sister-in-law with 80,000 beauties, plus a suite. My mother gave me 100,000, but I only needed 80,000. 

My mother married 80,000 plus some electrical appliances and daily necessities. The house is my husband’s old house, and it’s newly renovated, all of which I like to decorate. When the man picked up the woman, he wanted to worship the ancestor of the woman’s family. My mother removed this because there was a large passage to say. If you told the ancestor, if you read it wrong, you have to go out and start again from the beginning. It was too troublesome and simplified. I don't like to have too much physical contact with others, especially men, so many game links are omitted when picking up relatives. 

Another one is that I love my husband more, and I don't want to punish him too much. I said hello to the brothers and sisters who blocked the door in advance, and it was almost enough. Nor did my elders, such as my seven aunts and eight aunts, participate in the pick-up process. They were all jokes and jokes. My mother told them all. When I went to my husband’s house, regarding the uncle’s picking up the bride and blackmailing his uncle, we had that kind of vulgar behavior. I told my husband in advance that I would not have any physical contact with anyone or any behavior that I resisted. 

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