Which wedding shows that impressed you?-234

/November 2021

The door was closed when it was almost time. Only our three and a few sisters and sisters who kept the door were left in the room. Other cousins and cousins blocked the door outside. After my husband and they came, the first thing that greeted them was firecrackers, and then the reception team sat on both sides of the gate one by one. The younger brothers and sisters went to serve tea and asked for red envelopes. Round after round, the red envelopes were not big, mainly because they were pleasing. , Dip a colour. Then came the first level. The beer and mustard biscuits and toothpaste biscuits prepared by the cousins were easily taken down by their husbands. Then outside of us, the red envelopes of the communication were first sent out to the brothers and sisters outside and then communicated with the sisters inside, and another red envelope was stuffed. But the door still didn't open. After several waves of communication, the door was finally opened by force. However, my cousins and cousins are too thin and weak, and my brothers don’t participate. My husband’s receptions are all tall and big men. In my husband’s words, it’s like carrying a chicken, blocking a few doors. The siblings were caught in their armpits and carried aside. After a scuffle, the door lock behind didn't know what was wrong, it couldn't be opened, the door handle was also gone, and finally, it broke open. Later, my husband came back to repair the door, haha. When my husband started hitting the door, my little friend quickly pulled me to sit, put my skirt in, and sat upright, looking like a serious bride, as if three minutes ago, I was knocking on the window sill to look at the blockage. The door is not me. . . After my husband and they came in, we both looked at each other and giggled. Really, we had prepared a lot of things to say, but we didn't know what to say when we really wanted to say it. In the end, I was reminded by photography to find shoes, so the best men started looking for shoes all over the room, bribed the bridesmaids with red envelopes to exchange shoes, and wrapped them with tape on the back of the stool. Finally, my husband knelt down on one knee and put on shoes for me. Without the corsage, exchanged rings, and the best men went out. 

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