Which wedding shows that impressed you?-233

/November 2021

My cousin didn't speak much, he heard the car in front flicker and said that the car was okay with Barabara. It didn't feel right, and I didn't understand the car, so I called my husband immediately and said I was hit by a car. In less than two minutes, my husband brought a car over and saw me standing on the side of the road and sucking my nose. It was freezing. . . My husband went to negotiate about the car behind. There seems to be no problem, but the cousin Volkswagen's car logo is cracked. My husband said that he was scared to death when he heard that I was hit on the phone. Forgive me for not making it clear on the phone, mainly because I don’t understand this and I didn’t express my words clearly, 55555... the next day. I got up after three o'clock to put on makeup. It was too cold to go to the store to put on makeup, so I asked my cousin to help. My cousin runs a beauty and nail salon, so my cousin's makeup and hair are all around, so I can sit on the bed holding the quilt and turn on the heating to put on comfortable makeup. My two little friends act as bridesmaids, and there is no need to accompany me to the shop to line up for makeup. There are too many marriages in the New Year and the wedding shop is full. The makeup is done, and by the way, I asked my cousin to help me clean up the little friend. It was really cold in the first month, and then the wedding dress had to show its arms, even if it had a shawl, it was too cold. In the interest of health, I took out the Xiuhe dress that I wore when toasting, and a long-sleeved dress, thick and stuffed with a warm jacket. , Perfect. Although the wedding dress is beautiful, it is beautiful. It was still early when it was done. My mother cooked the dumplings and brought them to the room. We ate the dumplings and played on the bed three times, each holding a hot water bottle. Watching my other brothers and sisters hiding their shoes, discussing blocking the door and preparing props. 

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