Which wedding shows that impressed you?-232

/November 2021

Whether my own wedding counts. My husband and I were introduced by someone else. In fact, I gave it to WeChat. Haha, we talked about it ourselves. Talk about friends who got married for more than a year. Discussions about marriage, wedding gifts, dowry, and dates all went smoothly. The two were not far apart, and it took more than ten minutes to drive there. Because we were married close to each other, my dad figured out the details of my husband’s ancestors for three generations when we talked about friends. My dad has a lot of wine and meets friends, I want to know that these are not too simple, it is also a place in the town, a big palm. In the winter months last year, my husband was still busy helping my brother's wedding. From preparations to picking up his relatives as best man on the day, he successfully helped my brother take his sister-in-law home. This also indirectly led to my brother's release of water and mutiny on our wedding day, not participating in the pick-up process. My brother is in the army all year round and doesn't have much contact with the outside, so he doesn't understand many things about getting married. We will prepare for our wedding the next year. The wedding is scheduled for the sixth day of the first lunar month. Because everything has been discussed before, there is nothing wrong with it. Three days before we get married here, the bride and groom cannot meet each other. But it seems useless for me, haha. On the fifth day of the fifth year, I took my cousin’s car to pick up my classmates. Because there were many cars on the road during the New Year, there was a car parked in the middle of the road, and my cousin’s car stopped about ten meters behind. We were talking, and suddenly the car in front began to reverse. My cousin didn't react and slammed the horn desperately. The car in front didn't hear it and was still reversing, and then ran into it. We hurriedly got out of the car and stood by. Several men suddenly came down from the car in front. We were the only one of us and my cousin. 

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